Panasonic Bread Machines

Panasonic bread makers are the first bread makers ever made in the world. They were first made and used in Japan, revolutionizing the idea of homemade bread, and finally popularized in the West in the 90’s.

Panasonic bread machines are the oldest and still maintained as one of the most highly rated bread makers in the market. There is a Panasonic bread maker for any home baker, as these bread machines come with plenty of bread functions to suit different people.

Whether you like to make a plain white loaf of bread or try different bread recipes from French bread to sourdough, a Panasonic bread maker is bound to have the program suitable for you.

Panasonic SD-YD250 Bread Machine

panasonicsd-yd250A good, sturdy bread machine that bakes large loaves of bread, the Panasonic SD-YD250 is your best pick if you need to bake a lot of bread to satisfy your family.

This Panasonic bread machine is also simple and easy to use with intuitive controls. Thousands of people have tested this bread maker over the 10 years that it had been released, and majority would agree that it makes good bread that is both good-looking and tasty.

This Panasonic bread maker is also known to be one of the quiet ones. It works more silently than many other bread machines, even when it’s kneading a large dough for a 2.5-lb loaf.

You will be able to bake many varieties of bread and even cakes with this bread maker. I’ve made blueberry bread, green tea bread, orange pecan bread and even bacon bread with this Panasonic bread machine.

My full review sheds more light on the Panasonic SD-YD250.

Panasonic SD-BMS105-SW Bread Maker

This Home Bakery bread making machine is what you’ll want if you are looking for a really high end (read that as expensive too) bread machine with everything you could ever hoped for.

It has a whopping 30 programs you can choose from! Designed and made by Japanese, this Panasonic bread maker is able to make not only all kinds of bread you can think of, but also delicious Japanese mochi and udon!

I also loved how the Quick Bake mode bakes a loaf within an hour’s time, so that I can quickly get a loaf of bread whenever I need it.

The best feature is the automatic ingredient dispenser, which is a boon to all busy moms, because you won’t have to be around to put in nuts and raisins halfway through the cycle. You can just place them in the dispenser before starting the cycle, and they will be added to the dough at the right moment.

With such a high end bread machine, you will be sure to get a delay timer as well, and also a steam case for those who love steamed breads. If you haven’t tried that before, trust me, you’ll come to love it.

For those who’re just looking for a simple bread machine to bake the daily loaf, you may want to consider another model, as this Panasonic bread maker doesn’t come cheap.

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Panasonic Bread Machines:

Written By George