Oster Bread Machines

It is very likely you have come across or heard about Oster bread machines. However, for an industry that has seen other players dominate the market for years, you may wonder if some of these Oster bread maker machines are worth your hard earned money.

Well, I personally having tried a number of them I can say, just like the rest, Oster bread machines are amazing. Other than tons and tons of features they come fully loaded with, they do their job perfectly well.

Two Of The Best Oster Bread Machines

So you know, Oster has quite a number of models in the market; however, there is no way we are going to talk about each one of them, but we are going to give just a brief review of two of the best bread machines from Oster.


To begin with, this Oster bread maker is unlike anything I have come across. It does its job perfectly well and if what has been said by a number of users is anything to go by, I am quite sure this model is going to send Oster well known brands running for their money.

Interestingly, even for an industry that has seen key players take the largest share of the market, this model has stood its ground and managed to fight for the top spot with others. The following is a little bit about this machine.

First, other that coming fully equipped with an array of great features, one of the biggest features that will lure you into buying this Oster bread machine, certainly, has to be its capacity. Up to a 2.0 lb loaf capacity, this is exactly what you should be going for if you have a large family.

It does not even stop there; coming complete with Expressbake setting, this is one of the fastest machines you can lay your hands on today. You can bake bread in under an hour. Amazing isn’t it?

Although a number of people have reported to have had trouble using this machine, I would still recommend it for it is nearly perfect.

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Oster 5838

Oster 5838 is another model from Oster that has been going off the shelves like hot cakes. It is currently riding high and from the way this machine has been designed; it looks like the designers took some of the biggest mistake their competitors have made in the past and capitalized on them. Are you still wondering if this Oster bread machine is worth your money; well, here is a glimpse of this of this wonderful bared machine.

Coming fully equipped with 8 settings for making a variety of breads, jams and dough; this is possibly what you have always wanted. It does not even stop there; it comes with a user friendly control panel that can take you through the entire process without any problem. I have personally used this machine in the past and I loved everything about it; It makes great bread and I highly recommend it.

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Oster Bread Machines

Written By George