T-fal PF111 Bread Machine Review

Wouldn’t you love to wake up to fresh bread in the morning? With the T-fal PF111 bread maker, you can do just that. This bread machine is amazing. First of all, it’s actually sort of pretty to look at, as far as kitchen appliances go. Its stainless steel body makes it easy to wipe off after each use, and matches the rest of my appliances.

The 15 hour delay is super easy to set. Just before bed, I throw the ingredients into the bread machine, set the timer, go to bed, and have fresh bread the next morning. My friend loves my T-fal PF111, too. She can’t eat gluten, and this bread maker comes with a gluten free setting. Sometimes I think she just comes to visit so she can eat some fresh gluten free bread without having to pay the ridiculous price for it at the grocery store.

I had to play around with the recipe a little; the first batch of gluten free bread didn’t turn out very well. This thing is so easy to use, my ten-year-old can make bread with it. And this thing is SO quiet. Sometimes I have to put my hand on the side of it to make sure it’s actually on.

Some cheap bread makers “walk” across the counter top during the kneading phase, this T-fal PF111 bread maker stays put, thanks to the powerful 600-watt motor housed in the elegant stainless steel body.

The one downside about this bread machine is the rather tall price, just like the tall, vertical loaf that it makes. For the same price or just a little more I could buy a more versatile Zojirushi bread maker with custom settings, but perhaps a novice baker wouldn’t need to do a lot of customizing. The programs in this T-Fal are for a variety of common breads, and you could make jam, cake and sandwich too.

Ok, so I think I’ve told you everything I love about this bread maker, and why you should go buy the T-Fal PF111 for yourself. It’s time to set the timer on my bread maker, and go to bed. I’m looking forward to the smell of fresh bread in the morning.

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