Hamilton Beach Bread Machines

Just like some of the biggest brands in bread machines, Hamilton Beach is changing the rules of the game and has seen quite a number of its bread makers sell like hot cakes. Hamilton Beach bread machines are well designed and have managed to get the attention of many customers all over the world with their simple but intuitive design and competitive price.

Although there are quite a number of Hamilton Beach bread machines that are currently riding high in the market, here are two of the best. These two models are well designed and have managed to stand their grounds and battle for the top position with other major brands.

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881

I first saw a friend with this bread machine, and from the way it did its work, I was impressed. It is well thought out and if what people are saying about it is anything to go by, I believe this is a good bread machine for you.

This is the perfect machine for today’s creative bread machine recipes. It is amazing how designers managed to make it one of the easiest to use; you simply add your ingredients, choose the cycle and press start. It is that simple.

It does not even stop there; another feature that strikes me as innovative is that this bread maker has been designed in a way you can add ingredients later in the process or in the beginning.

Its nonstick pan is simply easy to clean and you can even put it in the dishwater. Ultimately, if I am told to recommend a nice bread machine at an affordable price, I won’t take even a second to recommend this model. I have used this model and I loved every single thing about it.

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Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882

Almost similar to 29881 model, the 29882 bread machine is among the top Hamilton Beach bread machines. The way this bread machine is designed is simple but user friendly.

Just like the 29881 model, this Hamilton Beach bread maker is one of the easiest machines you can bring right into your kitchen today; bread making with this machine is just three easy steps; add the ingredients, choose the cycle and with press of a button you start the baking process.

Its versatility is simply unbelievable; it is not only used for kneading dough and baking bread, but it can make jams as well.

I love the viewing window; it is well positioned and you can easily monitor your bread’s progress. Plus, the delay time is another feature many people love about this bread maker. It allows you to bake when you want it.

Did I mention it comes with nonslip feet? That alone provides the much needed stability. This Hamilton Beach bread maker machine is the one to buy because it is easy to use and makes the best breads ever.

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