Breadman Bread Machines

Breadman is a globally recognized company thanks to its innovative kitchen appliances, which include Breadman bread machines. However, the company is particularly praised for its durable, handy and cost-effective Breadman bread machines.

Breadman provides these excellent bread making machines with amazing features and at very affordable prices. All of these bread machines are user-friendly, are pre-programmed and have see-through windows for viewing while baking. Any of these four bread machines can be helpful based on your needs and expectations. Enjoy baking delicious breads and other recipes by buying your own Breadman bread machine today!

Breadman TR520

This is a fully programmable bread maker thanks to its automated features. This bread maker features 3 crust shades and 8 components for dough and bread.

The design allows for a huge, square loaf of bread of up to two pounds, although you can produce smaller loaves. Breadman also gives a 2-year warranty on the appliance, which is twice the usual coverage.

Some bread machines allow you to include nuts and fruits before the baking process. Instead of this, the TR520 has a built-in signal during the initial kneading process that alerts you when you can add more ingredients.

The Breadman TR520 also features a 13-hour delay timer, which enables you to come home or wake up to a fresh loaf of bread. Overall, this bread maker is a worthwhile machine for its price.

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Breadman TR2500BC

Make fresh loaves of bread and many other recipes using this quality Breadman bread maker.

This bread machine comes with a convection bake feature that gives you crisper crust on your loaves. It can make up two pounds breads, along with other recipes, includes bagel, jam, pasta dough and pizza dough.

The Breadman TR2500BC also features an automated dispenser for fruits and nuts, which is ideal for adding toppings on nutty breads and muffins. This bread maker has a lid with a transparent window for viewing the mixture during the cooking process.

Other important features of this bread maker include one-hour power outage back-up, a 24-hour delay timer and a special oven light. Also, this bread machine has a memory that allows you to save over 300 recipes.

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Breadman TR2200C

Breadman TR2200C is another excellent bread making machine that allows families to make some of the most delicious loaves of bread you can ever imagine.

It can make up two pounds breads, along with other important recipes. This Breadman bread maker comes with a 1-year warranty.

Other important features include a non-stock pan and 110 pre-programmed settings. Most buyers admire the way this bread making machine operates.

Breadman has also provided manuals and videos showing how this bread machine operates, making the baking experience easier for you.

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Breadman TR875

If you are looking for a stylish bread machine that offers great performance, then the Breadman TR875 is designed for you.

Its exterior is made of stainless steel and exudes elegance without compromising on its performance. This fully programmable bread maker can make up two pounds breads, pasta dough, pizza dough, and jams.

Its many control settings allow you to bake different kinds of bread while a beeping sound is available indicate the ideal time to add fruits or nuts.

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Breadman Bread Machines:

Breadman TR520 – Best Basic Bread Machine

The Breadman TR520 is the best choice if you are buying your first bread maker and don’t want something too expensive. This basic bread machine is not at all difficult to use, and best of all it is really affordable.
breadman tr520
If you’re just baking your own bread for the first time, this $50 bread machine will certainly not make a big dent in your pocket, and the helpful preset cycles will make your baking experience a smooth one.

I feel that experienced bread bakers may find a lack of customizable options with this bread machine, so if you think you need to be in control of kneading time and etc, the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 would be a better choice.

The Breadman TR520 can make different varieties of bread even though it doesn’t allow you to customize many things. You can make all kinds of bread with herbs, nuts and seeds, honey, whole wheat, and even pizza dough.

The great thing about this bread machine is that you can choose to bake your bread in an hour! The fast bake mode does just that, so baking bread can be as simple as measuring out the ingredients and pressing a button to get fresh bread an hour later.

The bread is really good, and you can choose to bake 1, 1.5 or 2-pound loaves with this bread machine. I’ve noticed that you will need to test the amount and type of yeast to be used for different types of bread to get the perfect loaf.

Bread loaves by Philip L. Van Kersen

The paddle is removable with this bread machine, so don’t worry about getting a hole in your loaf as long as you remember to take out the paddle before the baking starts. I love how the lid is removable too, so I can get it cleaned before baking another loaf.

The Breadman TR520 kneads well, though a bit more powerfully than the build can take, so there will be some grinding sounds and ‘walking’ on the kitchen counter top during that cycle.

Someone tells me that if you add a little water and scrape down the sides of the baking pan it will help smoothen matters, but I for one don’t really bother. I would just place the machine deeper into the counter top in case it falls off.

At an attractive price like this the Breadman TR520 is a good buy and yields some delicious bread that you will appreciate. If you can overlook the walking problem then this is the best basic bread machine you can get.

For a larger model go for this big baking machine, while this bread machine is good for gluten-free recipes. Check out more of my bread machine reviews here.