Make French Baguettes with a Bread Machine

I always tell my friends, that basically any bread product that requires shaping (not into a loaf) can be made with a bread machine, as long as you have the bread machine recipe for it!

My ol’ mom loves French baguettes, and she’s always hand making French baguettes until she bought a bread machine. I persuaded her to buy one so that she could have more time to join various activities with her girlfriends.

She bought the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 because a veteran baker like her would love to have more customizable settings and sophisticated features.

Anyway, here’s the baguette recipe that she used; it’s from Zojirushi.

French Baguette Bread Machine Recipe

Put in all the ingredients, liquids first, into the bread machine. Remember to make a well in the dough for the yeast so that it doesn’t come into contact with liquids beneath. Set the bread maker for dough cycle.

When the dough is done, you can now shape it into baguettes. Place them in a greased or lined baking pan, cover them up with a clean damp cloth and leave them for about 40 minutes. This will allow the dough to rise for the last time.

The oven should be preheated to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. When the dough has risen, carefully make a few diagonal slashes on the face and spray a mist of water over them. Bake them for about half an hour and there you go, fresh and fluffy baguettes!

If you need a more visual guide, check out this helpful video.

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Written By George